CGA SNOW ... Any Thoughts ?

CGA SNOW ... Any Thoughts ?

Post by Mike Ri » Wed, 08 Sep 1993 03:58:09

Hey folks,

Got 'er up on a 386 built with old parts.  One of those old parts
was a CGA monitor ... Got the old "SNOWY" screen !  Any thoughts
as to how to eliminate the sloppy presentation  ??

Thanks .

-- rice

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Hi All

I have a FreeBSD box with an old hercules type monitor on it, being driven by
a Taiwanese Hercules / CGA card.

When I boot up, though, I get the first few lines of boot messages and then
it just seems to freeze.

If I telnet in and look at /var/log/messages it seems to be detecting the CGA
part of the card, not the Hercules. I didn't notice this when I was installing
as I used a VGA card. The client has no spare VGA monitor, though.

Is there any easy way to stop it from looking for the CGA side of things?

The machine's BIOS is set for mono.

Irvine Short
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