screen colors and termcap?

screen colors and termcap?

Post by timo.. » Sun, 02 May 1993 23:34:09

I'd like to use tin adn elm w/ different screen colors, but when I use
setterm tin resets the screen to white on black. I tried different
numbers in the so=, se=, us=, ue=, md=, mr=, me=, and mb= lines in
/etc/termcap and then I tried commenting out those lines, but tin
_still_ resets screen colors.

1) Are these the only lines that have to do w/ screen colors in
termcap, and if so why will tin reset colors w/ them gone?

2) Does anyone know how to produce black type on cyan background, and
its reverse, using termcap? I have tried
\E[almost_every_number_from_1_to_255 w/ no success.

3) Is there any way to set the screen colors w/o tin,elm overriding
the selection?

Pls reply email as I no longer receive this group. I will forward a
solution to anyone who requests. Thanks.

Timothy Buchanan.

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