Video prob on X11 exit

Video prob on X11 exit

Post by Timothy J. Bart » Fri, 21 May 1993 00:32:09

I installed SLS a couple of weeks ago and just love Linux, with 1 minor
problem.  When I exit X, my video is not restored properly.  The shells
are running okay, and I can type in them, but the video is un-readable.
This also happens if I C+A+1 to go to a shell from X.  I am using an
ET4000 SVGA with 1meg video card but have an interlaced monitor :-(

X works great, but when I leave X to go to character mode, it looks like
the video is running non-interlaced instead of interlaced.  So I just
stay in X for days on end -> got to love Xlock!

I thought I saw something in FAQ-Part1 about a kernel fix to solve this
problem.  I didn't see anything in FAQ-Part4 (X11 part).

"uname -a" -> Linux tbarton 0.99.pl9-1 04/27/93 i486

I am running a 386, not 486.  Would that matter?  Is there a newer
kernel that fixes this problem?  Or do I need to do something in Xconfig
to get to interlaced mode when leaving X?

Much thanks in advance.  Much thanks to the folks making Linux happen, it's


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