Wanted: Xenix filesystem for Linux beta testers

Wanted: Xenix filesystem for Linux beta testers

Post by Doug Eva » Fri, 24 Jul 1992 14:28:16

Having written a Xenix filesystem for Linux (more on why later :-),
I figure I might as well see if anyone else wants it.

Why? I have gobs of source and data files and don't want two copies of it all
(one for when I boot Xenix and one for when I boot Linux). Now I can boot
either and have access to *one* copy. Of course, I still need separate
binaries, .o's, etc. but no big deal. I also have one news spool directory
and can read news in Xenix or Linux (and mail and uucp logs, etc.).

I also wrote it because I have the CMS Xenix device driver for the Jumbo 250
tape drive. I back up Linux when I back up Xenix! Way cool!

My setup is now:

200MB IDE       30MB DOS
                50MB Xenix (root+swap)
                60MB Linux (root+swap)
                60MB Xenix/Linux (/usr/spool)

1Gig SCSI       100MB DOS
                300MB Xenix/Linux (/home)
                300MB Xenix/Linux (/usr/src)
                360MB Xenix/Linux (/u)

For Linux'ers wanting a *real* filesystem :-) this ain't it. File names are
still max 14 chars and in this case there are no symbolic links.

You also *need* Xenix. I haven't written mkfs/fsck for Linux, but plan
to "sometime". The filesystem was quite easy given that the Minix filesystem
isn't *that* different (they're all SysV variants). The only real difference
(that comes to mind) is the bitmaps vs free list, so I should be able to take
Linux's mkfs/fsck and adapt them.

I don't have Xenix divvy table or badtrk table support, and don't plan to for
the nonce. I just don't need them, and plugging these in seemed to require more
substantial changes to Linux than just plugging in a filesystem.
For my Xenix/Linux filesystems, I just did an mkfs on the entire partition,
and bypassed divvy.

So, any takers? (If so, please email).
Doug Evans               | "You're just supposed to sit here?"


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