LaTeX in SLS 1.03 distribution

LaTeX in SLS 1.03 distribution

Post by Steef S.G. de Brui » Thu, 16 Sep 1993 22:15:29

whether SLS 1.03 had a bad copy of*distribution.

The only thing I found was a bad (probably old) copy of
the latex.fmt file, which holds the compiled basic
commands of the*language.

But, you have all the source code available, so if you
just run something like
`initex lplain \dump',
you will get a -- correct -- new latex.fmt (or lplain.fmt,
which you probably have to rename or so).

I'm not precise about it, because I am talking from my head.
Please mail me if you have any further problems!

Steven "Stevie Spiker Jack" de Bruijn,


1. LaTeX (latex.fmt) in SLS 1.03, bum copy?

Does anyone know if the LaTeX in SLS Linux 1.03 is a bad copy? I've
reinstalled it twice (the first time the latex.fmt file was a
different size and the second time latex still says "I'm stymied.")
and it still doesn't work.

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