Platform question

Platform question

Post by Aaron M. Re » Thu, 21 May 1992 05:42:21

I hate to post questions like this to the net, but I want to consult the
experts on this one.  I'm in the market for a computer, and am thinking
about the Gateway 2000 486/50 EISA package.  Will Linux support this?
Will it work with the SCSI controller in this machine (sorry folks, but
I don't know what brand they're using.  Trying to extract useful info
from their sales people is most frustrating.  All they want to do is send me
the four-color glossies.  I'd wait to post this until I have more info,
but my net access (including email and ftp) might be disappearing
shortly).  I'd also like to get the ATI Graphics Ultra card rather than
the stock Diamond Speedstar.  Will X work with this?  I've seen several
postings from people with Gateway equipment and I'd appreciate hearing
from people on their opinions, especially with regards to Linux and X
running under Linux.  Replies by email please.  Thanks in advance.

* Aaron M. Renn                 |  Indiana University, Bloomington, IN *



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I have a program that compiles with the native Silicon Graphics (IRIX
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I am looking for a cheap/easy way to do this.  I have MSVC++ 5.0.  Is
there maybe something along the lines of a freeware/shareware library I
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