3com 3c509 Etherlink III Drivers

3com 3c509 Etherlink III Drivers

Post by Brian Thomps » Sat, 26 Jun 1993 02:26:21

I am currently looking for a 3com 3c509 (EtherLink III) driver for Linux.

I would be prepared to act as an Alpha/Beta site, and/or help in getting the
code up and running. Failing that, I would be keen on writing a driver

A useful piece of information is that there is now an NCSA packet driver
available for the card (which works), which is at




If you get the latest zip file, the sources are in there too:


which may be of interest generally, and would certainly give some serious
clues to anyone seriously working on a driver (maybe even me).

Email would be very much appreciated. A tar.Z.uu of a working driver would
be appreciated even more! :-)

Brian Thompson


1. 3Com 3c509 (Etherlink III) drivers

Does anybody know if there exists a driver for the 3Com 3c509
(Etherlink III) ethernet board under Linux ?

Please, respond by e-mail.

Thanks in advance.

| Thierry SALSET
| La Courtine
| F-93167 Noisy-le-Grand Cedex


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