Help with Trident Xconfig

Help with Trident Xconfig

Post by DHALIWAL BIKRAM SIN » Mon, 03 May 1993 07:33:48

I need some help with my Trident Xconfig.  I think that my setup is
OK, but X in colour gives me a screen that looks like it has been
magnified about 100x times.  I mean that the X cursor is about 2 inches
high on the screen!  I cannot figure out if it is the monitor or
the card, but I have tried my card out on a NEC 3D and X in colour works
as, well X in mono also works on my monitor.  

This is my setup:
Trident generic 8900c card with 1024K

Darius SVGA monitor: Amp. Bandwidth= 40Mhz
                        Hfrequence = 31.47, 35.5 Khz
                        Vfrequency = 50-90 Hz

Max resolution is 640x480, 800x600 non interlaced
                1024x768 interlaced.

Please help, I think I am close because it seems that somthing in the
system is magnifying the screen.
Bikram Dhaliwal
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