Headers, Headers, whos got the Headers

Headers, Headers, whos got the Headers

Post by David Eng » Mon, 17 Aug 1992 05:33:06

:   - Does anybody have any idea how the headers are supposed to be arranged
:     and what their contents should be?
:   - Which ones go where, which versions should be used, which ones shouldn't
:     be used, where can they be found?
:   - Should the headers included with the GNU 2.2.2 release in
:     0.96cpl2inc.tar.Z be used as well as those included with the 0.97
:     kernel? (I wasn't using them)
: Any help that anybody could give would be appreciated.  And "No!" I don't plan
: on quitting my day job. :)

I think H.J. and Linus finally have the header problem solved.  Get
2.2.2d when it's released tomorrow and install it with the 0.97pl1
kernel source.  After that, everything should work fine (at least it
does on my system).

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