Can not mount root

Can not mount root

Post by Rick Har » Sat, 14 Aug 1993 03:21:08

  Ok I downloaded the complete kernel stuff for pl11. I edited the
  makefile for
  ROOT_DEV, and VGA_MODE and compiled it fine. Then I did a make zdisk
  so I could
  set up my boot disk. Worked fine, but when I reboot I get:

  Kernel Panic: Can not mount root.

   My linux partition on my harddrive is hda3, and I set ROO_DEV to
   /dev/hda3. Is this wrong or can anyone help me fix this problem.



1. Root is mounted -- how how you mount root to another drive?

I have linux 2.0.32
I have linux on /dev/hda2 with all of the goodies (/bin, /etc, /sbin,
/lib) normal fs
I have linux on /dev/hdc2 with the same stuff (the basic stuff is the
when the kernel comes up /dev/hda2 is mounted as root.

what i want to do:

I want to unmount /dev/hda2 and mount /dev/hdc2 as root.

Does anyone know how to do this?

what i tried to do:
init 1
mount -n -o ro,remount /
mount -n -o rw,remount /dev/hdc2 /

[ that didn't work! ]

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