Where are DVI printer files?

Where are DVI printer files?

Post by Kenneth Bens » Fri, 06 Aug 1993 10:24:54

If this is a FAQ then flame me and let me know which FAQ (but I haven't seen it, honest!)

Could someone tell me where I can find dvi printers files for various printers, so I can
do things like print out the KHG and SAG? (and no I _don't_ have a postscript printer,
although I _wish_ I did! :)


The FireBorn


1. .DVI Files and Epson 24 pin printers

Okay, so I taught myself how to use TeX, and now have a set of .DVI files
that I want to print.  I _can_ use dvips to convert them to postscript, and
then use gs to print them, but this seems kind of a roundabout way to do what
I want. Does anybody know of a source for .dvi drivers?  Specifically for
Epson 24 pin printers?

Thanks in advance.

Rob Prior, Mech 4
Mechanical (Aeronautical) Engineering Department, University of B.C.

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