Printcap -d filter (etc)

Printcap -d filter (etc)

Post by Andrew Steve » Fri, 11 Jun 1993 00:48:22

Is there anyone out there who has succesfully set up a dvi -> whatever
filter using /etc/printcap from the current SLS?

I've been hacking away on this for some time, but for some reason
the filter always seems to hang on input.  E.g.

# My df= filter ...
cat > /tmp/somefile$$.dvi
...loads of dvips and ghostscripting...

results in a blocked cat process when you execute
lpr -d somefile.dvi



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Printcap -d filter (etc)

Post by Gerhard Friesland-Koep » Fri, 11 Jun 1993 05:27:19

this is a minor mistake in the lpd-faq:
dvips is used as an example for a filter,
but it cannot be piped - in general -

i use a :vf-filter for postscript and install dvips
- as suggested - in ../ to pipe into lpr -v,
then you just do: dvips example.dvi  and it pipes
directly to the postscript-filter.


1. installing ghostscript as filter in /etc/printcap

I keep reading about how easy it is to install ghostscript as a print
filter to allow easy printing of Postscript files to non-postscript printers.
I still haven't seen an /etc/printcap with this implemented, however, nor
have I been able to find anything online with specific examples of how to
implement this, and AFAIK, it's not in the Ghostscript docs, either.

My present /etc/printcap is as follows:

hardcopy|hardcopy: \
   :lp=/dev/lp1: \
   :sd=/usr/spool/lpd/hardcopy: \
   :lf=/usr/spool/lpd/hardcopy/errs: \
   :mx#0: \
   :sh: \

Any and all help is appreciated.  Thanks.

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