MAXTOR DISK Drive Problems

MAXTOR DISK Drive Problems

Post by Philip H. Jone » Wed, 19 May 1993 05:36:16

    A previous thread was about failures on MAXTOR Disk and I find I have
  deleted it. I can pick up a 200mb SCSI MAXTOR LXT 20SY cheap ,was it one
  that had problems please email me.

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1. MAXTOR disk drive on RS6000 problems

Hi.  I'm trying to add a MAXTOR 700 MB SCSI disk drive to a RS6000 (320).
It boots up and recognizes the external disk as "Other SCSI disk", which
seems ok to me.  When I list the disk devices, it shows the new disk as
hdisk1.  BUT, when I try to give the new disk, hdisk1, a physical volume
identifier number (in SMIT, under "Change Characteristics of a Disk"), it
spits out the following:

        Method error (/etc/methods/chgdisk)
        0514-047 Cannot access a device

If anyone has ANY ideas or suggestions, I would love to hear them....Is this
disk totally unusable with this system???


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North Carolina State University

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