perl vs taintperl in SLS 1.01?

perl vs taintperl in SLS 1.01?

Post by Michael E. Bra » Thu, 05 Aug 1993 04:34:32

I apologize if this a stupid question or whatever like it, but:

What is the difference between /usr/bin/perl and /usr/bin/taintperl in SLS
1.01? I'm scrabbling for every bit of space on my 120MB HD, and while
traversing directories I found out that there are two copies of perl doing
apparently the same.

Please e-mail me, and I'll summarize
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: I have a Dell 466/ME with a IDE disk (drive C) and a CDC Wren 5 SCSI disk.
: The SCSI controller is a DPT SCSI PM 2012B/90 controller.
: I use the SCSI disk under MS DOS 6.0 (as Drive D and E) without problem,
: but when I tried to install SCSL 1.01 on the 3rd partition of the SCSI
: disk, the kernel doesn't detect the SCSI controller, neither the SCSI disk.
: "fdisk /dev/sda3" also give me "cannot not open /dev/sda3" error.

: My questions are:
: 1.Does SLS support this SCSI controller?
: 2.If 1 is yes, how to make the kernel detect the SCSI copntroller?

Put it in WD compat mode, not in EATA mode to use linux.


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