New files uploaded to TSX-11.MIT.EDU

New files uploaded to TSX-11.MIT.EDU

Post by Theodore Ts' » Thu, 13 Aug 1992 02:21:35

The following files have been made available in the last few days.

                                        - Ted


        Alpha release 0.2 of the CDROM filesystem, plus modifications
        to the SCSI code to read CDROM disks.

        ALPHA version 3 of the Generic Boot Loader for Linux (LInux LOader)
        by Wener Almesberger

        ALPHA test version 7 of the MSDOS filesystem, by Werner


        This describes a driver for QIC-02 tape drive support for
        Linux 0.96a.

        NOTE1: This will not work for the QIC-40/QIC-80 tape drives,
        like the well-known tape drives that attach to the floppy
        NOTE2: If you are working on another (e.g. SCSI or QIC-40)
        tape driver, please try to use the same sys/mtio.h file! Also,
        join the TAPE mailing list!


        ZIP 1.0 w/ encryption code.   Note that file can *not* be
        exported across U.S. or Canadian boundaries.  If you are from
        a non-U.S. or non-Canadian site, you will have to get this
        file through some other means.  Keep in mind that even if you
        are not in the U.S., if your country is one of the 20 or so
        that signed the COCOM treaty, you will not be able to
        export it outside your country without an export license either,
        even to another COCOM country.

        Also, if you are in France, the *importation* of cryptopgraphic
        code is illegal, and you may not use any cryptographic
        techniques unless you provide copies of all of your keys to
        the French Secret Service ahead of time.

        Note: this should not be construed as legal advice; if you
        have concerns about possibly being thrown into jail as an arms
        smuggler, please consult your attorney for definitive legal
        advice first.

        Have a nice day.  :-)


        Adduser - tool for adding new users to the system

        This package consists of two programs, mkpwent and adduser.
        The first is a C program which simply puts a new entry into
        /etc/passwd.  You have to supply all the values on the command
        line, and it does a few simple checks to make sure the login
        shell exists and is executable, for example, then writes a new
        /etc/passwd file, backing up the old one in /etc/passwd.OLD.

        The second program, adduser, is a (BASH) shell script which
        has all the system-dependent bits encoded in it.  Essentially
        what it does is call mkpwent and then create all the
        directories and miscellaneous files required in setting up a
        user account.  It is intended to be straightforward to modify
        the shell commands after the mkpwent program succeeds for
        individual systems.  


        Zmodem v3.18 for Linux.  Ready to compile with GCC 2.2.2.


        It contains mf, the metafont binary (gcc2.2.2 shared link) and
        also included macros, etc for the standard cm fonts for TeX.
        includes a miniscule readme & note on usage.  


        Cprint is a small utility that can apply Tex formatting to
        ordinary C source files.  Cprint takes in a plain ascii text
        file and produces a TeX file that can be pumped through TeX
        and dvixxx to produce high quality hardcopy.  While cprint can
        do some very basic formatting with any text file (see below),
        it is specifically designed to handle C source files.  


        It's a source-only release that doesn't contain any
        ANSI-isms anymore and that compiles with gcc 2.x.
        (Obsoletes mtools-2.0.5.tar.Z)