Host Hardware Recommendations?

Host Hardware Recommendations?

Post by Randall B Smi » Tue, 23 Feb 1993 23:41:24


I'm selecting a host for Linux & NT:

        Gateway 486 66V w/ 340 MB HD & ATI GUP (VESA)
                16MB RAM
                2M VRAM + RAMDAC
                Ultrastor 34F SCSI Controller $210

        Wangtek 5150 $469 or Archive Viper 250 $439

        NEC 5FG

I'm looking for answers based on practical Linux experience
for the following questions. I have read the FAQ's and
would like to get some current opinions.

Q:      What are the pros/cons of IDE vs SCSI HD (same cost)?
        Opinions as to best choice?

Q:      Would I do better to get a different SCSI Controller?

Q:      Does an upgrade to 500MB SCSI HD for $235 sound wise?

Q:      Does an upgrade to 525MB tape for ~ $200 sound wise?

Q:      What is the future of Linux support of EISA 64MB DMA

Thank you!

Randall Smith


1. host hardware recommendations ?

Hi Net,

i am planning my os5 devsys box.  i am wondering what host recomendations
you all might have?

i want to avoid a compaq host, but what is second best? ast, alr, hp?
it must be a eisa/scsi architecture.

thanks in advance, jackc...


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