Q: support for Pocket LAN Adapter (ethernet through printer port)?

Q: support for Pocket LAN Adapter (ethernet through printer port)?

Post by Harald Koen » Sat, 27 Feb 1993 23:40:16

Is there (or will there be in the near future) support for the
Pocket LAN Adapter PE-1200 or any other printer port based ethernet
controller ?

Would be great to use a laptop with such an ethernet adaptor with Linux.

Any plans, help, info?



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1. Ethernet Pocket Lan Adapters

Who can help me ?

I have a Lap top with no PCMCIA, so I want to connect it via a parallel
port pocket Ethernet adapter.

Are there other adapters than the RealTek  or AT-LAN-TEC adapters
supported by Linux?

If you can help me an tell me whether there are others and where I can
get them (Germany would be good) including the driver would be great.

Please Mail to

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