Problems with NET-2 and pl12

Problems with NET-2 and pl12

Post by pra.. » Sat, 04 Sep 1993 19:28:10

        I have been having some strange problems with pl12.  From some
previous problems I see that the new kernel is stricter with routing etc.
Here is a synopsis of the problems.

1. I can't get access to machines on the local network.  All machines outside
of the local net are fine.  On checking netstat I find that my machine does
realize that another machine is trying to make a connection and it gives
a SYN_RECV but then hangs.  I have gotten aroung this problem by directly
putting the ip addresses of the local machines into the routing table. Is this
the correct way of including machines on the localnet ?  By the way I am using
a remote nameserver and a gateway to the outside world.  in.telnetd processes
are also started for each connection that tries to get through.

2. After reading NET-2-FAQ and trying to follow it through I am also having
problems.  The FAQ specifies that the loopback and at least the local net
should be specified in /etc/networks.  I have found that if my local net is
included in /etc/networks, all the route add commands end up with a
SIOADDRT: Network is unreachable error.  And the routing table ends up with
a route localnet that cannot be removed.  If the localnet entry is deleted
from /networks then the routing table is okay.

3. After the daemons ( nfsd , routed etc) are run the routing table is
modified vs. looking at the routing table without running the daemons.  Is
that to be expected ?

4. I have found that telnet sessions to the linux machine crash consistently
while running NCSA Telnet 2.5b for the Macintosh.  The PC versions of NCSA
telnet and pctcp's tn all seem to work fine.  ?????

Any advice and assistance would be appreciated.  Is there a book or docs out
there yet other than NET-2-FAQ that go into more detail about TCP/IP routing
networks, etc ?


Pramod John


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Most net-services are working (ping, telnet, rlogin, ftp) and ok
but I'm not able to get a proper X-Connection.

After entering "xhost +" on my machine I can open a X-Window from
a remote machine but the window always stays black and nothing happens

The same behaviour shows in the opposite direction when trying to open an
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