Pinnacle Micro Optical PMO 650 Optical Drive

Pinnacle Micro Optical PMO 650 Optical Drive

Post by James Jura » Thu, 05 Aug 1993 04:27:03

Hello out in Linux-Land!

Does anyone have a Pinnacle Micro Optical PMO 650 Optical Drive working
under Linux?

Any response would be great.


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1. New Pinnacle Micro Optical Drives

I am considering one of the newly advertised Pinnacle Micro APEX 4.6 GB
optical drives for use under linux. For PC's this comes with an Adaptec
1542 SCSI driver, but the salesman at Pinnacle told me there were no
drivers for linux (something about "the developers of linux were
unwilling to accept the constraints attached to the necessary
information from Pinnacle to produce drivers"). He also said the
Pinnacle optical drives "should" look like "normal" hard drives. Since
the Adaptec 142 is listed as a linux supported interface, has anyone
been able to use any of the recent Pinnacle drives (Sierra or APEX)
under linux?

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