Bootdisk made by SLS install hangs during boot

Bootdisk made by SLS install hangs during boot

Post by Derek Bischo » Sun, 12 Sep 1993 06:24:01

 CK> I've installed the SLS v.1.03 release on three machines.  The two
 CK> listed above had the same trouble after installing, making a
 CK> bootdisk, and trying to boot from that bootdisk.  The trouble that
 CK> came about was when I tried to boot from the bootdisk (5.25" floppy
 CK> drive A:).  Just after it prints out that it's trying to detect
 CK> sound cards (one of the machines has no sound cards and the other
 CK> has a PAS), it just sits there and never goes on.  Can anyone help
 CK> me get beyond this?  I've been booting from the install disk and
 CK> telling LILO to go to the harddisk where it's installed but I'd
 CK> really like to get the boot floppy to work.  The boot messages are
 CK> included at the bottom of this post.
 I am going to assume here that you have yourself a machine
 that is tested under dos for IRQ conflicts.

 CK> and then we sit and wait forever......
 Hmmmm. sounds like a IRQ or IO conflict to me.
 Have you removed the card to see if that is the conflict?

 CK> (of course the machine without a soundcard does not print the
 CK> message about the PAS)
 Have you tried to recompile your kernel, w/o soundcard support?
 then do a make disk and try from there?

... Sincerely, Derek


Bootdisk made by SLS install hangs during boot

Post by John Hende » Wed, 15 Sep 1993 11:56:19

Quote:>And it's hard to recompile 0.99.12 from an 0.99.9 system (needs new gcc, which
>needs new libs, which need new kernel...), and even harder to recompile from a
>DOS system.

        I did it. It's not that hard because the gcc docs are wrong. If
you install new shared libs, then the compiler and include files, it
works fine.

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1. AdvanSys BootDisk or: What makes SL rootdisk so diff?

Hi all,

I have just got a testsystem here which sports the Advansys SCSI controller.
So I went off to anf got myself the new BETA

But now I need to make a slackware bootdisk, so I can start installing to
the SCSI disk.

Problem: Any bootdisk I make can not mount the standard Slackware color144

I read the bootdisk howto, and it says that rootdisks must be minix or
ext2, but oh shock: I cannot even mount the color144 rootdisk under
any other linux system, it does not contain a valid ext2, nor minix or

Here are the messages I see when trying to mount the rootdisk after
starting with my bootdisk:

RAMDISK: 1474560 bytes, starting at 0x001e664c
VFS: Insert ramdisk floppy and press ENTER
VFS: Disk change detected on device 2/0
RAMDISK: trying old-style RAM image.
RAMDISK: trying old-style RAM image.
VFS: Insert root floppy and press ENTER
[MS-DOS FS Rel 12,FAT 12,check=n,conv=b,uid=0,gid=0,umask=022,bmap]
Transaction block size = 512
Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 02:1c

Here is how I made the bootdisk:

        a) compile a new kernel w/ Advansys driver
        b) physically copy an existing bootdisk (ascsint2):
                dd if=/dev/fd0 of=/tmp/b bs=18k
                <insert blank disk>
                dd of=/dev/fd0 if=/tmp/b bs=18k
        c) mount the disk
                mount /dev/fd0 /mnt
                cd /mnt
        d) copy the new kernel
                cp /usr/src/linuxelf*/arch/i3*/boot/vmlinuz .
        e) edit ./etc/lilo.conf
                (make it install to the floopy, use the
                ./boot/boot.b etc that are already there,
                write map to ./boot/map etc)
        f) lilo -C ./etc/lilo.conf
        g) unmount and use :-)

Any help is very much appreciated

2 Stirling Rd     |      or use key server:
S'pore 148943     | Disclaimer: I speak only for myself
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