xrn port for Linux?

xrn port for Linux?

Post by Moti Thada » Sun, 17 Oct 1993 08:33:51

        Has anyone ported xrn to Linux?  I managed to build xrn after
        making a couple of minor changes to compile some of the files.
        However, when I run it, it causes a system hang (with a lot of
        disk activity) and I haven't investigated any further.  

Moti N. Thadani                         (408) 456-5619

San Jose, CA


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Hi all,

When I run the xrn linux port on my machine it starts up OK and goes to
connect by serial PPP to my NNTP server.  Then I get massive HD access while
it is reading its newsgroups file and it dies with a failed malloc().

I used meminfo to watch its resource usage and after it starts up and connects
to the server the physical and virtual memory are wiped out of existence in
about 3 seconds.

I am running kernel 1.1.67 and I can't presently remember the xrn version but
it was the latest available on sunsite as of 26/12/94.

Any help would be appreciated.  Is is xrn or the kernel?


Jason Carley                                                                       Res ipsa loquitur

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