Wanted : CD-ROM Bi-Monthly project for Linux

Wanted : CD-ROM Bi-Monthly project for Linux

Post by TA.. » Sun, 21 Feb 1993 07:09:14


I put out a CD-ROM bi-monthly for NeXT. I started this project so
people without Net access can get NeXT software through my CD-ROM
every other month.

I was approached by many linux users who wanted me to do the same
thing for linux. I can't do it my self because I am a full time student
and I use NeXT most of my time, but we have lots of space left on
the CD-ROM which can be used.

 If you are a linux user and if you actively collect linux software
then your are very well come to work on this CD-ROM project. Once every
two months you should be able to give me a tape with linux software and
I can include them on the next CD-ROM. I will pay  for your work.

 The CD-ROM's costs are very low, they cost about $8 dollars a CD.
We don't want to sell a CD for 99$ and get flames :-).
The low price was possible because many people who are working on
the NeXT CD-ROM are putting there time for free.

So if you are interested on working with us please E-Mail me
with some info on what type of HW you have ( do you have a tape drive ? )
and any other info you think that we should know.

Thanks in advance


PS : If you are interested in subscribing please do not send any info now,
I will post more info on the CD at the *. announce conference.