Debian package manager help (to install epplet for enlightenment)

Debian package manager help (to install epplet for enlightenment)

Post by See Toh Chee W » Fri, 11 Jan 2002 20:32:36

I have just migrated from redhat 7.2 to debian 2.2r4 potato... after
some tweaking I managed to get most things ironed out. I have,
however, a small problem in trying to use some 'unstable' packages.
Hope someone can teach me how to overcome this. Below is the scenario:

1. I have a 56k modem and the 3cd installation set for debian 2.2r4.
2. I wanted to install libepplet0 to enable epplet support for
enlightenment, and libepplet0 is available only as 'unstable'.
3. I tried to use the http or ftp method in dselect to obtain the
'unstable' packages, however, this causes problem because when I run
dselect, it will prompt me with a huge list of packages that I do not
want to install or upgrade.
4. The list is too big for my modem line to download, I only want to
download and install the bare minimum necessary to run epplet.
5. I have also tried using apt-get by using the the following:
apt-get install libepplet0
and it also prompt me to download unnecessary stuff for upgrade and
new install. (I know they are not needed by libepplet0 because they
are things like gcc, g++, etc)

In essence, I only want to download and install the bare minimum
necessary to run epplet, a.k.a. libepplet0

Can someone teach me how to resolve this? Perhaps by apt-get using
some special option or dpkg or something?

Thanks in advance.

See Toh Chee Wah


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