X11 jumplibs - where to find them?

X11 jumplibs - where to find them?

Post by venz » Tue, 25 May 1993 23:28:46

Can somebody tell me where I can find the jump libraries for X11
( libX11.so.3, libXt.so.3, ...)?
They cannot be found even at the tsx-11.mit.edu !?
Maybe they are somewhere in the SLS disks, but I'm not upgrading
my Linux this way - installing all the stuff without to know what is it.
After all you guys linked the most apps with jump libs (Yes, I know, it's
great for saving place) you could give us direction where to find them.
I don't have enough space on my HD to compile any X application ( well, it
works for rxvt but not for gwm for example) and, I suppose, even not
enough only to link. I think, I'm not the only one.

Please, send me an email if you know where the jump libs can be found.
                                        Venzi Iliev


1. Upgrading to 4.6.2...X11 config in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11 or /etc/X11?

During the next week, I plan to upgrade my machine to 4.6.2.  When I
installed the installation of X11 that I have now, I built it from
source with the ports tree, and it put the config files in the normal
location /usr/X11R6/lib/X11.
        However, I'm aware that in the past, FreeBSD has packaged the
X configs to go into /etc/X11, and I also remember that back when I was
running 4.4 on a different machine, the port asked you before the build
which of the two locations you'd like your X configs to go to.
        What I'm wondering is this:  If I do the upgrade, and have it
upgrade my X-Window installation, is it going to be smart enough to see
which place to look for my configuration?  I like freedom of choice with
things like this, but I hope the package tools are keeping all this
freedom in mind at upgrade time.

Anybody done the upgrade already on a machine with the configs in /usr?

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