exim date problem

exim date problem

Post by Marijan P » Tue, 18 Dec 2001 02:46:17


>I'm using redhat and exim. The problem is that I installed redhat inGerman
>and now locale values (like the date) are in used in exim andthey are German
>too. So the weekday and the 3-letter monthname look likedez instead of dec
>and this seems to cause troubles with some mailclients (wrong date
>displayed). Does anybody have an idea how to fix that in exim or can you
>tell me howI can change these locale things to another language on redhat.
>or howdo I switch between languages, which I installed, in general? I'm
>notusing X, so please tell me how to do that in shell.

Edit /etc/sysconfig/i18n file and in there add:
Run 'locale -a' for listing of possible locale settings and look
man locale(1) for more details.

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PS. Could you reply by e-mail, thanks. I shall summerise if I get any requests.

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