filesystem problems when loading new kernel

filesystem problems when loading new kernel

Post by we » Thu, 04 Apr 2002 08:37:11

I am currently running redhat 6.2 with the 2.2.14 kernel.  I am in the
process of trying to upgrade my kernel, so I compiled (without
problems) the newest 2.2 kernel- 2.2.20.  When I go to reboot my
system with the new kernel, it starts loading and bringin everything
up fine until it gets to the part where it mounts the file systems.
At this point it gets really unhappy.  I have 3 disks 2 scsi and one
ide.  / is on sda, then i have sdb and hda.
It says Bad magic number while trying to open /dev/sdb1, the
superblock could not be read or does not describe an ext2 filesystem,
it suggest i run e2fsck -b 8193 /dev.  It also wines about /dev/hda,
it just says it could not be read because it does not describe an ext2
So i reboot back to my 2.2.14 kernel and it boots fine no complaints
and everything is normal.  I go through this a couple times and then
the next time i am trying the 2.2.20 kernel after it gives me the
error message i put in the root password and go into maintenance.  I
run e2fsck -c /dev/sdb1, everything seems fine i try again and same
message this time i try running e2fsck -b 8193 on it as it instructs
and it gives me the same message back telling me there is abad magic
number and the superblock could not be read and finally to run the
same command i just did.  So i am stuck, could someone please help, it
makes no sense why it seems so happy with the filesystems with my old
kernel but the new one freaks when they are the same ext2 fs.
please help thanks??????

1. filesystem problem with new kernel, help please

Hi everyone,

I have a slight problem with newer kernels on my Linux box.  The problem
is that after booting a newer kernel, linux only mounts the root file
system and mounts it as read-only.  As such, no other file systems are
mounted, just as /proc is not being used.  I have noticed this phenomenon
on kernels 1.3.50, 1.3.56, and 1.3.62.  I have compiled each one and test
booted it off a floppy disk with the same result, my root file system is
mounted read-only and nothing else is mounted.  I have included support
for IDE as well as SCSI drives into the kernel.  No matter, wheather I
compile the support into the kernel or as modules, nothing works.  I
always end up with the root file system and nothing else.  I don't think
it is a problem realted to booting the new kernel off a floppy since I
have been doing this for ever to test new kernels and never had any
problems.  Currently I am using 1.3.35 without these problems.  Could
anyone help me with this?  I'm stuck and the documentation doesn't help
at all.

Some stats about the setup:

100 Mhz Pentium
PCI Motherboard with Triton Chipset
IDE (on board) with 2 drives
1542C SCSI with 2 drives, 1 CD-ROM
16 MB
256k pipeline burst cache
ATI Mach64



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