Can't change default font on my boot disk

Can't change default font on my boot disk

Post by xy.. » Wed, 21 Jul 1993 23:09:44

I selected the wrong font on my bootdisk, and now, I can't seem to change it.
I read the FAQ, and it tells me to use rdev -v /dev/fd0 {video mode}.  I tried
video mode 0, 1, and "ask", but none of those seems to work.  Could someone
please e-mail me or e-mail and followup (for other people to see) the correct
way to change the font?  It is a little frustrating using a 80x50 screen.

1. Boot Manager diddler to change 'default' boot ?

Let's say you can remotely access your box under either OS/2 or Linux.
Let's say you want to remotely switch between the two OS's. How ?

Has anyone bothered to write a Boot Manager diddler that
will navigate into BM's partition and change the default boot
field ?

I've done some preliminary poking around under DOS (when I was
first irritated that IBM provided an OS/2-only executable
(rather than family mode) to allow one to change BM's config)
but haven't yet got around to doing a bullet-proofed multi-platform
util.  If anyone's done it, I need not bother.  If anyone's interested,
let me know.


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