Help: Bad sector on sda -- cannot mkfs, mke2fs

Help: Bad sector on sda -- cannot mkfs, mke2fs

Post by Tam, Loong » Fri, 02 Jul 1993 07:35:00

Hey guys,

        I got a trouble that I cannot mkfs or mke2fs. I have the latest
a1.3 from It boots ok but when it check my 311MB scsi
drive, it showed that was a Adaptec 1542. However, my drive is an Adaptec
1540. Does it make difference???

        Also, when I fdisk, it told me certain sectors were bad and cannot
" mkfs ". When I do " mkfs ", it cannot and come out "bad sector before the
data block, sector number ____  ".

        Can somebodies help me out?! I will be appreciated.

        It would be more convinent if the comments are sent directly
to my account which is :

        Thank you very much.



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A question on mkfs/mke2fs.

I found, for a same partition, after formatting the
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I (at the smae inode density 4096 as default), so I'm
curious to know what options does SETUP use with mkfs
(man page of mkfs/mke2fs won't give me a unique answer,
you know that)  Anyone knows?

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