Q's on init man page, init, serial port config?

Q's on init man page, init, serial port config?

Post by -Kevin Smolkowsk » Thu, 06 May 1993 00:11:57

These are all related to my setting up my linux box to
deal with a hardwired terminal off serial port 1.

Where can I get a man page for init?  My sparkstation is
totally different (: so I cannot use that one.

My particular question is with the port entries
mine looks like so:

c1:123456:respawn:/etc/getty 9600 tty1
[c2-c6 same as c1]
s1:56:respawn:/etc/getty_ps ttys0 9600 vt100

The id field in c1-c6 seems to refer to the virtual consoles??
What do I used for the id field for the serial ports?  Can
I use "s1" as above?

Why is the arguement to getty_ps "ttys0" and not "ttyS0" as
that is what the special file /dev/ttyS0 is called?




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I've written a perl script which detects if pppd is down - it's run
via Cron every minute. It checks to see if pppd is a running process,
if not the script runs $system("/usr/sbin/pppd") and kicks the link
back into place.

While the script works A-OK, it refuses to work correctly under Cron.

Strange how it refuses to work via Cron.

If anyone give me a few pointers to why it's dead, i'd really
appreciate it!

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