SLS: Recompiled Kernel Won't Boot! :-(

SLS: Recompiled Kernel Won't Boot! :-(

Post by Rich Kern » Thu, 29 Oct 1992 08:26:00

I updated to SLS v0.98.1 ahwile ago (like the idea of all binaries in a
"package"), and decided to recompile the kernel w/TCP/IP support.  It
compiles cleanly, but when I goto boot the new kernel it goes into a cycle
of booting/rebooting just after the VGA mode prompt.  I figued it might
be the TCP/IP code (I don't have a enet card), so I grabbed the 0.98.3 patches
and recompiled a non-TCP kernel today and booted it.  The same thing happened
without the TCP/IP code, and again without the SCSI code.  Does anyone have
any ideas were to look?  I've never experienced this with any of the kernels
I've compiled before.  Sorry if I'm missing something, but it does get
frustrating after awhile...  Thanks to LILO, I still have a system though.



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I recently installed SLS 1.05 from the cdrom and the
kernel that was installed runs fine, but the kernel
I compiled (without any configuration changes):
        cd /usr/src/linux
        make dep
        make zImage
gets "kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root"
when I boot. I did install in root and run lilo.
Has anyone run into this problem?  Found a solution?

John Fenk

(503) 641-8036

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