Connection 9600+ and linux.

Connection 9600+ and linux.

Post by Jon Elli » Wed, 24 Nov 1993 01:05:00

I have a connection 9600+ modme(its one of those software upgradeables)
and i hope to install linux sometime soon,but since the modem has to
look to the hard drive for the ROM configuration(dos file)i wanted to
know how i could use linux and  still use my modem.
Any Ideas?
also,how do dos and Linux work together on the same hard drive?

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1. Linux and The Connection 9600+

I'm thinking of upgrading to Linux as my OS but I have a sofware
Upgradeable modem that looks at the hard drive for the ROM info. Its
very fast so i don't want to get rid of it,and i got a good deal on it
Any help would be much appreciated,this is probably one of my major
blocks besides Required Hardware to allow me to upgrade to Linux,I would
also like to know what type of terminal programs are available.
Jon Elling

JaxNet BBS 904-292-4567

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