Mozilla Help>About is blank

Mozilla Help>About is blank

Post by OSIRI » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 13:03:44

P-II 333 MHz, 128 MB RAM. RedHat 9, Ximian Desktop 2 on one hard drive and
Windows XP on another.  XP drive is primary boot drive with System
Commander handling boot choices.  Grub is set to load Linux as default
after 5 seconds.

I installed Sun JRE and moved a symlink to the plugin to the Mozilla
Plugins directory.  I also installed the Mozilla Optimoz mouse gestures
plugin, had a proble, and changed the permissions in the mozgest directory
to correct it.  The new problem is that when I click Help>About Mozilla, I
get a new window that stays blank.  How come?


1. <<NEED HELP FAST, I am a newbie>>

I need help with the following questions, I need help real bad since I am a newbie to UNIX
but would greatly appreciate any help.  If you could just answer and script the following questions:
Could someone write scripts to the following questions please:

1) Write a script that:
Prompts the user to enter either "yes" or "no"
Using two separate if statements. If the user enters "yes" echo back: "all right"
If the user enters "no" echo back: "why not"

2) Copy your last script to a new name.
Modify the script to use only one if statement, one elif and one else.
If the user does not enter "yes" or "no" echo back "No good"

3) Write a script to add all of the numbers between 1 and ten (inclusive) and display the answer.

4) Get the userid of two of your fellow students.
Write a for loop that displays the /etc/passwd record for you and your fellow students.

5) Write a function that will tell the user you are displaying all of the students in the class, and then
display all of the users in your class section.  Make sure you can execute this function.


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