Looking for Ibuild and interViews libraries

Looking for Ibuild and interViews libraries

Post by Duperval Laure » Sat, 24 Apr 1993 12:41:49

Does anyone know where to find them?  I saw that SLS has idraw and doc but I
want the 2 mammoth libraries (Unidraw and... the other one, I forget) plus
Ibuild.  I'd compile them myself but I'm missing about 90 MB of disk space to

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1. InterViews build problem/IBUILD built anywhere?

I'm trying to build the InterViews distribution, but something is wrong
with the Makefile that I get out of xmkmf...I get an 'invalid separator'
message when I run make.

Probably something I screwed up in the X config and local site
definition files, as I've never done this before... so, my question is,
how do I know what to mess with and what *not* to mess with (which files
and fields) after I install Slacware 1.1.2 or later so that Imakefiles
will work on my machine? If it makes a difference, I use the Mach32
Xfree 2.0 server.

While I wait for help and/or inspiration, I'm looking for a binary of
the ibuild app from the InterViews 3.1 distribution (and I just overlaid
new libraries for libc and libg++).


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