Problems with Asus A7V Motherboard

Problems with Asus A7V Motherboard

Post by Coral J. Cook Jr » Mon, 22 Jan 2001 09:50:05

I just upgraded my computer with an Asus A7V Pro Motherboard and an AMD
Duron 700. Now I can't get my PCI network adapter to work under Linux (it
worked just fine with my old motherboard). I tried slackware 7.1 Linux and
Mandrake 7.1 Linux and two different NICs - a Winbound and a Link-Sys. Both
NICs work under Win2k. The error says that the system bios has assigned the
NIC an IRQ of "0". I've even tried manually setting the IRQ for that slot to
some other value, but the error remains the same. Any help will be greatly
appreciated. Thank you.



Problems with Asus A7V Motherboard

Post by Mike Kinse » Wed, 31 Jan 2001 12:29:12

This isn't a solution, but I have the A7V motheroard also and maybe this
will provide some additional info on the problem. I can not get the system
with this motherboard to work with windows entworking. I've tried using
WIN1998 and WinME, different NICs and every suggestion no matter how wierd
it sounded- all to no avail. I have two other computers- one is a WinME and
the other is a Win1998 and they work fine. I think the motherboard has a
problem with IRQ routing and sharing. I also had a problem that my Sound
Blaster Live device driver was interfering with the primary IDE.


1. RH7.0 & Asus A7V motherboard problems

My current setup is this:

Asus A7V motherboard with the Promise Ultra ATA 100 on board PCI Controller.
I have two hard disks, a Maxtor(Windows) on the primary slot on the Ultra
ATA 100 controller and a Fujitsu(Linux) on the secondary. I have my HP CDRW
on the ordinary PCI contoller on the secondary slot.

1) When I boot w/ LILO, it halts after LI is printed on screen. Any help?

2) I installed RH 7.0 on the second(Fujitsu) HD and after modifying the
lilo.conf file to recognize the Promise PCI controller, it still can't boot
unless I specifically type:
    LILO BOOT: linux ide2=0x8400, 0x8402 ide3=0x7800, 0x8402.
after booting with the emergency boot disk. Any suggestions?

3) I have a Linksys EtherFast 10/100 LAN(model #: LNE 100TX) card installed
and RH7.0 can't detect it. I followed all the instructions and set it up on
the linuxconf and still I can't get it to detect it. Tulip is the module I'm
supposed to use. Any help?


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