X11 compatible with EGA?

X11 compatible with EGA?

Post by Peter Herweij » Thu, 27 May 1993 19:23:58

I'm stuck with EGA *sigh* but I'd like to try X-Windows if I can.
The Linux info-sheet implies that it should work.  The SLS dox
say that it works only on VGA adapters.  I tried to install it,
but thus far couldn't get anything useful out of it.

So: is it possible?  Do I need a specific version/update/patch?
And if so, can someone explain in newbie terms how to get it to

Any replies, posted or emailed, appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Peter Herweijer


1. X11 for EGA?

I've probably missed it somewhere, but to date I can find no mention of
X11 server for Linux, that supports EGA (extended graphics adaptor).  I
see the HGA mode, but my card is hardware(jumpers) only switchable to
HGA.. anyway I LIKE EGA.  

Or do I need to just give up, and migrate to VGA?
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