Why doesnt Anonymous FTP work from SLS 1.01?

Why doesnt Anonymous FTP work from SLS 1.01?

Post by Hamish Glen Colem » Tue, 15 Jun 1993 04:57:26

Well, the subject just about says it all ...

I have tried and tried to get Anonymous FTP to work from SLS ver 1.01 and
1.00 and the one before then, but even though all the other networking
stuff seems fine (well... ;-) and ftpd has all its config files setup for
anon-FTP (including users in the passwd file ..) it always tells me
that anon-FTP is not allowed !!!!!


Hamish Coleman


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Too silly ... crond wasn't running ... so don't panic SLS runs ok ...
My fault was, that I thought crontab -l works only on a running
cron....so I didn't look very close in the prozess status.

On the other hand ... commenting out such a basic utility
like cron isn't necessary.
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