Best configuration for Linux

Best configuration for Linux

Post by S Pirondi » Wed, 12 May 1993 22:38:43

O.K. guys you've convinced me. I'd like to get a PC to run Linux
and X11, of course.

What's the best configuration for maximising X performance?
The resolution must be 1024x768x256 or better.

Any advice on:

CPU, cache, hard disk (1Gb), video card, network card, memory,
sound card, CD-ROM, etc....

I will try to distill the common wisdom.

Savio Pirondini


1. Best configuration for Linux?

I've been thinking about trying Linux for a long time, and finally decided to assemble a 2nd
computer out of spare parts to install Linux on.  But it turned out that the motherboard was burned
out, so I need to replace it.

So, I've been shopping around and am concidering to buy a multiprocessor Pentium Pro motherboard, as
they are about 50 times cheaper than when they first came out.  I'm concidering getting anything
from a dual processor board to a 4 or 6 processor one.

My question is, which would give me a better overall performance in a SMP operating system such as
Linux-- a board with multiple Pentium Pros running at a low 180Mhz to 200Mhz, or a board with a
single "modern" chip such as a Pentium II or Pentium III or Celeron running at a much higher clock

Also, just how rigid is the rule to use chips from the same stepping in a multiprocessor system?  As
in, if I bought a 4 processor board, and bought 2 processors now, how likely would it be that I
could add 2 more later and have it work correctly?

Keep in mind that the motherboard I was originally going to use was only a 100Mhz Pentium, so
ANYTHING will be faster that than.

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