xview3.0 not found

xview3.0 not found

Post by Holger Bur » Wed, 04 Nov 1992 22:23:06


Some days ago someone posted an announcement to upload XView.tar.Z on tsx-11.
The ls-lR file says there is no such file. Is it still in /pub/incoming ??? or has
it not been posted yet ?!


uni bremen *oops*


1. SCSI NCR53c7 found/not found

I have an IDE drive and a SCSI drive - both are found by
the Transam SCSI boot/color root initialization disk. Setup
reads/write from the IDE and SCSI just fine. However when I
boot from the boot disk made during the setup process - no
SCSI is found. I tried recompiling the kernal, using SCSI
for the generic NCR53xx in make config, then created a
new boot with make zdisk. The new boot works, finds /dev/hdax
but... still reports 0 SCSIs, so there is no way to mount /dev/sdax.

Any help would be much appreciated! (I really like to use my
SCSI devices from Linux!)

Thanks in advance!


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