New info sheet draft, please comment

New info sheet draft, please comment

Post by Rick Miller, Linux Device Registr » Mon, 02 Nov 1992 18:37:51

>I've been leisurely editing the Linux INFO-SHEET, [...]
>                          [...] There are still bugs in the system, and
>        since it develops rapidly, new bugs creep up often.  However,
>        some releases are quite stable, and you stay with those if you
>        don't want to be on the bleeding edge.  Some sites have been
>        running Linux systems for about 50 days continuously, without a
>        single boot!


Has anyone out there had Linux up for more than 50 days without a reboot?

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1. Comments, please - The future of NT (draft)

The future of NT ?

1999 - NT 5.0 is released amid criticism that it fails to offer the major
services needed by modern businesses, like remote administration, version
control, sql and decent mail handling. MS reply by promising force feedback
joystick support in NT 6.0 next year.

2001 - NT 6.0 arrives (with joystick support, but it's buggy). Uptimes of
days are reported, but unfounded. The WinNT directory structure is improved
and fully documented. Programs are now placed in separate folders to data,
and different programs (those useable only by the system administrator, for
example), are stored in a different secure folder.

2002 - In a shock move, someone in Microsoft shows Bill Gates the dictionary
definition of a server. Bill announces that NT7.0 will herald the first move
towards NTServer actually 'serving' information out to users, instead of
just holding information and acting as a glorified print and file server.

2003 - IBM decide to concentrate on corporate hardware sales, and offer
Lotus Notes for sale to the highest bidder. Microsoft buys it for a record

2005 - Windows NT 7.0 is released, integrating Notes technology. It's
renamed Microsoft UltraNotes VII, and offers version control, centralised
home folders and group-level file access.

2008 - UN XIII is released, and uptime is measures in weeks. The future
looks bright. It includes support for text based terminals utilising it's
integrated terminal server. 'It's like a having a DOS prompt on your desk!'
remarks one MS employee. Tools enabling system adminitrators to quickly
create menu-based applications are included, giving admins the control over
what users have access to.

2012 - MS finally release a server-based system that the pundits agree
offers true multi-user multi-tasking, remote services, full internet and
intranet out of the box with rock solid stability and scalability. Uptimes
of months or even years are expected, and devices and even full software
rebuilds can be accomplished with no reboots. All praise for UltraNotes
Nine, usually abbreviated to UNIX.

True or lie ?

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