MOUSE Question

MOUSE Question

Post by Wolfgang Ju » Mon, 12 Apr 1993 23:20:19


I have a 3 Button mouse, which has 2 operation modes
 It is called : ME MOUSE 850

1) It says its Microsoft Compatible (works with the MS Mouse driver)
   But has there just 2 Buttons :-(
2) A mode called PC MOUSE, which has 3 Buttons.

1. I want to have 3 Buttons with X11 (till now I use the MS Mode
   but the emulation code is a bit strange , need to move the mouse to get
   the button detected)
   I want to use the 3 Button PC Mouse Mode

Beneath MSDOS I can get the mouse into the PC Mouse Mode (I dont
know how I manage this (I changed the Bytesize from  8 N 1 -> 8 S 1
and got MS Mode if I change it back I get the PC Mouse. Doing this with
LINUX kermit I am always in MS Mode.

(I think I figured out what the Data Format is (Also I think I know the
 functions which can be sent to the mouse Doku seems to tell it, but that
 wont work in MS Mouse Mode.)

1. Thing I want to do (if its not already done :-) ) put the mouse
   under Linux into PC Mouse Mode, Afterwards it shouldnt be that difficult
   to add the support into X11 (Add another Mousedriver :-) ) The Mouse

So it would be nice if somebody can help me figuring what has to be done to
be able to read the MOUSE Data in PC Mouse Mode ...

PS: Please respond by mail :-)


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