net-2 problems

net-2 problems

Post by Basil P. Duval EPFL - CRPP 1015 Lausanne » Sat, 12 Jun 1993 00:51:59

Hello there,
        I have been a bit out of touch in the last 2 weeks ( yes I know that
is a looooong time) and I wnet and upgraded to 0.99p10 (not alpha). This is
ofcourse ok. Now I can no longer get any of my network to go (Ethernet) which
was working really nicely before. (ie I thought I knew what I was doing)

So I got the net-2 stuff and ( after a bit of backup) installed the std and
had a look at the net-base stuff.


why does the .... not work ?? I am using named on my local machine which
is only reading a hosts file and then going off and asking a remote namesever.
I am using little in my that could cause offense. DUring boot I get
a long list of messages of the type "using old..... calls".

        I guess I have not changed something as I ought to have done when I
did this stuff. I can find no a SINGLE document in the net-2 stuff that
attempts to list the things to do.

Would somebody be so kind as to point me in a useful direction....

Basil P. DUVAL
1015 Bassenges
Lausanne, Switzerland


1. NET-2: Problems with /etc/

My problems concerning the net-2 release coming with SLS-test or MCC-interim.
When configuring the loopbackdevice as described in the README files the following
error message concerning the /etc/ especially /usr/etc/route occures.

SIOCADDRT:Network is unreachable

This errormessage is produced by the following two lines in the /etc/ script.

$ROUTE add default gw metric 1

My script:

# /etc/
# Linux networking startup script.  Should be run by /etc/rc.local at
# boot time.  Configures the interfaces and starts the deamons.
# It assumes hostname has been set.


# You may need to add a /usr/etc/ifsetup command to set the parameters
# for your ethernet card.

#$CONFIG eth0 netmask $HOSTNAME
$ROUTE add loopback
$ROUTE add default gw metric 1

if [ -x $INETD ]; then
        echo starting $INETD

Many thanks TOM
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