LILO damage. Computer dead.

LILO damage. Computer dead.

Post by CHRISTIAN D. ARMO » Wed, 28 Jul 1993 15:34:51

Oh man, I'm really cooked now.

I tried compiling the latest version of the kernel.  It
all went according to plan when  I thought it would be
smart to try a 'make zlilo'.  Interestingly, it booted
fine after this but only this one time.

Now, whenever I boot, all I get is this type of thing on
my screen... indefinitely

0.      00x00
1.      00x00
254.    00x00
255.    00x00
0.      00x00
1.      00x00

(and so on...)

Does anyone know what the hell this is?  How can I get
lilo to fix this mess?  I really need my data!


Geekium Rex


1. Dead Kernel & Dead LILO

HELP!!!   I recompiled the kernel with networking support, and it died
toward the end of the "make
zlilo" step.  I cant remember the exact error message, but I think it
was related to lilo, which is
done at the end of the make.  Now when booting, I get a message saying,
"run out of room  ----system
Halted-----" message.  
   An older kernel which worked at one time, gives the same message,
although I didnt save the older file which went with it, (my mistakeI guess this matters).
  I do not have a boot diskall I have is a MINIX boot and a rescue root
disk.  I can mount the hard
disk, however when I try to run lilo with the correct lilo.conf file, I
get a message that says, "Dont
know how to handle device 0x0100."  Ive tried a lot of different
things, to no avail.  At one time I
had a second hard drive which is now removed from the system, but is
also removed from the fstab file.
   What can I do without reinstalling the entire system???  Any help is
greatly appreciated.  
I have a:
Compaq DeskPro 6000 Pentium Pro-200
Adaptec 2940U
Jaz Drive internal SCSI
3COM etherlink III
256 Mbyte Ram


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