Xconfig problems - STB Powergraph/NEC Multisync III

Xconfig problems - STB Powergraph/NEC Multisync III

Post by Bob Mye » Wed, 23 Jun 1993 01:22:42

I'm trying to get XFree86 1.2 running on my Linux SLS 1.02 system at home.
I am using a STB Powergraph 1024x768x256 graphics card, along with a Power II
monitor (oem version of Multisync III, I belive).

I had a copy of the Xconfig used under my old Consensys V4 system (SVR4 based,
using X11r5), which I thought would still work.  For some reason, i can't seem
to get the following going:

1) normal user doesn't have access to the mouse at all -- aborts startx.
2) 800x600 and 1024x768i modes flicker  -- were solid (no problems) when I
   had X11r5 (with/without Motif) running.

Any thoughts?  I can't seem to find info on this via the XFree86 mail server,
for the monitor and graphics card I'm using.



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I'm trying to setup XF386 and the ConfigXF86 does not get any info for
clocks or modes for my setup.  It has an error that looks like

ConfigXF86: /tmp/146.msel no such file or dir

This happens when it trys to find the modes available for my setup.

I have an STB Powergraph video card with 1M ram and a NEC Multisync- II

Any help will be appreciated.


Email me at the address below, the one above does not work for obvious




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