Help with SCSI tape drive problems?

Help with SCSI tape drive problems?

Post by Kevin Flu » Sat, 24 Jul 1993 10:10:45

Hi all,

I have a Tandberg 3600 SCSI tape drive (but no manual) and an Ultrastor 34f
controller.  I am running the latest SLS (not the new alpha stuff) and have
installed the newer libs and upgraded to the pl10 kernel.  

When I first installed everything and recompiled my Kernel for the new card,
everything came up just fine and Linux recognized the card and tape drive
correctly.  I was able to write to the tape (a 6150) with the 'tar -czvf
/dev/rmt0 *' command.  When I went to read the files back from the tape,
however, the drive sounds like it is going back and forth over a short bit
of tape at the beginning (searching for some sort of index?), and then I get
the following message:  

tar: read error on /dev/rmt0 : I/O error

I found a little hint about the 34F controller suggesting that people should
use 340H as the port I/O base address, so I set things up to use it
(although nothing seems to have changed).  

Even more strangely, for a couple tries, I couldn't even write to the tape.
I got an error saying that the SCSI host has timed out, and the whole thing
locked up on me.  I haven't been able to reapeat this behavior.  

Do you have any clues?  Am I missing something here?  I haven't seen any
mention in the docs I have regarding formatting tapes for these drives.  Do
they have to be formatted in some way like my old QIC-80 tapes did?

In the 'mt' man page, it mentions a couple parameters that may need to be set
to specific densities (setblk, setdensity).  Do I need to know what these

Sometimes I am able to write some files to the tape (without errors),
and then to read some of them back onto my hard drive (yay!).  'tar -xvf
/dev/rmt0' read back two files, and then said 'tar: Skipping to next file
header...' and then just sat there.  ^C stopped the tar process no problem,
so it wasn't a lock up.  I remember reading about someone else having a
problem with their tape drive stopping after a certain number of bytes had
been written to the tape.  What was the solution to that problem?

I tried using the 'tar -b 3000...' buffering option, but it doesn't seem to
help any.  

Any help would be appreciated.

-- Kevin

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This sounds like an error condition.
No. In all cases the LUN should be "0" since all of the devices that
you have contain imbedded SCSI controllers. The Physical address should be
what each device is strapped as, on the device itself.

You should also run ASPI4DOS and ASPITAPE to get the most out of the
configuration. I have a Wangtek 150 MB tape drive, but I gave up on it - it
is a useless piece of steel and wires. I now use an Archive 2150S.

I hope this helps.

Michael Burke

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