plp (line printer daemon)

plp (line printer daemon)

Post by Zeyd M. Ben-Hal » Fri, 07 Aug 1992 16:46:05

Has anybody managed to compile plp ( the suite of line-printer programs)?
If so, where can it be found?



1. PLP line printer problems

I've compiled and installed the PLP lpd suite under MCC -99.8+ . It mainly works.
There seem to be a couple of nagging problems. I'm remote printing to a Sun 3/60
which is also using PLP.
1) When lpr exists after a job, I'm left with a zombie process hanging on.
2) lpr reports a very large "size" for pending jobs. I think that because
   of the remote printing, this is happening on the Sun 3/60 end. The Sun
   PLP also has this size problem, but not the zombie problem.
By the way, I had to use the sgtty.h from an older linux dist. The one distributed
with the new version redefines ioctl and screws up the compile. Also, if you
elect AF_INET sockets, there`s an undefined "sun_path" and "sun_family".


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