APP REQUEST - Real-Time Stock Proggie

APP REQUEST - Real-Time Stock Proggie

Post by Sella Rober » Tue, 13 Nov 2001 05:48:46

Hello Linux world,

I'm a stockbroker and a Linux user and have all the tools I need on
Linux to be completely winblows-free except for the MAIN ONE..real-time
quote and charting software.

I found plenty of dinky perl scripts and what-not but nothing worthy of
a pro-grade app and I'm wondering WHY???  It doesn't need to be that

I currently am using a program (and service) called ILX (
Our office also has a bloomberg terminal and some of the guys are using
other windows apps but ILX is my personal preference. It consists of a
main screen used to track something like 50 symbols updated in real-time
by the inside bid, change and volume. It also has simple charts and
news. Of course there are ALOT more features but these are the most
important and neccessary ones.

Now I realize that in order to provide real-time info the app has to be
tied to a pay service and I've found a company out there that provides a
Linux SDK (but not a product) for their real-time service. The company
is called Hyperfeed, they also own PC-Quote which is a bit more
well-known, but the point is that there is EXISTING technology out there
waiting to be taken advantage of and nobody has done it yet.

An app like this would be a HUGE validation for the Linux platform and
the Open Source community in general. Bottom line is this: There is a
market for this. Take it from me, brokers don't care what OS they use
they just want the info they need. Independent firms would LOVE to get
rid of having to pay a license for hundreds of windows machines that are

Think about it. Somebody PLEASE DO IT. I'll pay for it, I'll advise on
it, shit I'll even bring it to my investment banking department and take
your ass public with it.
$$ can be made here.

Or, do it yourself! Hell I don't care if I'm involved I just want to use

I'm only ONE PROGRAM AWAY from it. Even something along the lines of the
DATEK Streamer would be a start.

- Jeremy Armer