Mylex DAC960 raid controller insmod install problem

Mylex DAC960 raid controller insmod install problem

Post by Michiel van E » Mon, 13 May 2002 22:05:08

Hi I have a Mylex DAC960 Raid Controller.
When RedHat,Trusitx,Slackware,whatever wants to insmod this module it hangs
at the install.
The only thing I can do is reboot my machine.
With other Linux Distributions I can give a module parameter..what can this
And how can I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!



1. RH 7.3: Mylex RAID controller (DAC960) performance problems


I'm facing performance problems with Mylex (DAC960) controller, using
the latest update kernel 2.4.18-24.7.xsmp, tried a single CPU box
but the same problem.

Copying with dd from one disk to another a big file (390 MB) shows:

dd if=/dev/rd/c0d1p2 of=test.file bs=40960 count=10000

1. Speed up to >150 Mbyte/sec for perhaps 1 sec.
2. Speed drops down to 0 Mbyte/sec for a few seconds
3. Back to 1.

This happens a few times until the file is created, overall performance
is about 6-8 MByte/sec.;(

Pretty poor thinking about the 15K rpm SCSI disks in the box. It doesn't
matter if it's RAID1 or RAID5. The same test on another system with the
same Mylex shows the same poor performance.

The same test on another system with AMI Megaraid controller shows a
constant speed of >20MBytes/sec (RAID1), 16-32 MBytes/sec overall.

Anyone an idea?

Enabled write cache on the controller, but it didn't helped.

Michael Heiming

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