minimal TeX installation

minimal TeX installation

Post by Michael E. Bra » Sat, 07 Aug 1993 03:47:04

Well, I just browsed through all available for me FAQs, and answer which I
want still hasn't come :)

The question is - how do I build minimal installation for TeX if all I have
is lowly 9-pin Epson? To put it even simpler - is there a way to print dvi
file to Epson without going through postscript? Because doing the whole
chain TeX -> dvi2ps -> ghostscript requires quite a lot of diskspace for,
say, ghostscript and its support files. Can it be avoided?

Please send your answers through email, if I get enough useful information,
I'll post a summary.

Thanks in advance
Michael E. Bravo AKA /\/\ike                  7 812 231 3951  (home)


1. TeX: minimal installation?

vA recent string of posts on comp.text.tex got me thinkng about
running Linux on my notebook computer with the primary goal of
running TeX, with emacs and the AucTeX program. Before I spend the
time trying to get together all the necesssary files, and setup my
computer for the task I have a few questions I was hoping I could
have answered. I couldn't seem to find answers for these in the FAQ.

1. What is the minimum needed to run the following: TeX, emacs,
AucTeX, xdvi? I can get the following upperbound. TeX-3 compressed
disks so say 6meg. Emacs- 4 meg, AucTeX 1/2 meg, and tinyX 3.5 meg.
Adding this to the basic SLS installation (a disks) I get 25 megs. Is
this a good ballpark? Will I need to have some of the compiler
libraries as well? Can I trim a substantial protion of the basic SLS

2. My notebook has a cyrix 486 chip. I read somewhere in the FAQ
that it is best to stick to true Intel chips. I searched the
hardware faq to try to find if any notebooks with this chip are up
and running but found none. Is it difficult to install Linux with the
Cyrix chip?

3. My notebook has a Western Digital video driver. Will I be able to
get tinyX to work on this in mono mode?

4. How big a swap partition will I need? I have 8megs of ram, and
probably won't be doing anything heavy with this setup.

Any help would be appreciated. In particular I would be interested in
hearing from people who have TeX installed and are worried about disk
space, and from those people who have CompuAdd express notebooks.

John Verzani

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