IRQ Conflicts With Sound Card/Serial Ports

IRQ Conflicts With Sound Card/Serial Ports

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Well, I figured out how to get serial ports 3 and 4 running (after compiling th
e kernel/etc to get IRQs whipped into shape..)  BUT THAT WAS NOT THE PROBLEM. (
My Happy little thunderboard with my ripoff $99 pair of speakers is now sitting
 beside the tower case ( Imentioned that to tell you it is a * to take off
the entire shell to replace the card to play Air Warriors)   Bad Karma.
Here is the question of the year:  Is there a method or another SOUND product o
ut there-- ANY one.. that will allow me to use it in happy coexistance with my
com3 and com4?  this is important..  I need those ports-- yet I also >want< to
hear the full roar of a P-38 when I play games. (without slipping a disk pullin
g off the cover to plug a card into the machine..)
Sick as it may seem, the 486 (with manufacture date of 1992) and Thunderboard (
also 1992 garden variety) can't seem to understand one has IRQ2 and the other w
ants IRQ9..  And I though I was stupid because I got a 'D' in Calc-3..
Any replies, *es, questions, etc...  .. Is Appreciated.

PS: The newest SLS release of Linux is Super. In case you were procrastinating.

1. IRQ conflicts on serial ports

  Hi, all. From reading various threads, I get the impression that there
is a problem with IRQ conflicts and serial ports. What I'm doing is:

Kernel 0.99pl10
VESA IDE/ 2 serial/ 1 Parallel/ 1 Games port  card
This card is set up the normal way:
  COM1 (addr: 3f8 IRQ4) COM2 (addr: 2f8 IRQ3)

Next I buy a 2 serial/ 1 Parallel/ 1 Games port  card
Setup: COM3 (addr: 3e8 IRQ4) COM4 (addr: 2e8 IRQ3)  Games port disabled.

Now, I can't use, say, COM1 and COM3 *at the same time*. This I guess
is because of an interrupt conflict.
My question: is there anything that can be done about this? As I
understand it, since the ports have different addresses, the kernel
interrupt handler could interrogate the devices to determine which one
sent the interrupt? I'm assuming that the interrupt signals are activated
by an open collector circuit.
Is this a fundamental limitation, or can the kernel be changed to cope with



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