help with pty's

help with pty's

Post by Tad Kello » Tue, 08 Jun 1993 22:29:49

I'm logging in to my linux system from a terminal
server via telnet. I can't seem to set the connection
line to 8 bits and no parity.  I've tried stty and
looked through all the faq's.  My connection just seems
to hang when I set the line from the terminal server to 8 bits
and no parity.  The connection works fine for 7 bits and
even parity, but I need the 8 bits!
Thanks in advance for any help.
- Tad


1. 'all network ports in use' or 'no pty available' solution

I have read numerous messages concerning telnetd and other remote access
programs having the error 'all network ports in use' or 'no pty available'.
I was haing this problem also with a minimal NFS boot setup I made.  The
solution turned out to be a missing device entry. Namely '/dev/ptmx'. Once I
created that entry in /dev the problem went away.


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